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  Simulation & Modeling

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1.1            Background of the Study

The world is fast becoming a global village and a necessary tool for this process is communication of which telecommunication is a key player. The quantum development in the telecommunications industry all over the world is very rapid as one innovation replaces another in a matter of weeks. A major breakthrough is the wireless telephone system which comes in either fixed wireless telephone lines or the Global System of Mobile Communications (GSM). Communication without doubt is a major driver of any economy. Emerging trends in socio-economic growth shows a high premium being placed on information and communication technology (ICT) by homes, organizations, and nations...... get complete work

1.2      Statement of the Problem

It has been observed that calls across different networks are always difficult to connect, at times diverted and also attract more cost. This creates room for users to be confused as how much is deducted from their call credits or are compelled to having multiple GSM lines. As the network increases, more users makes call across different networks and there is need to record the call time, call network, and line identification and be able to put calls across the networks without much congestions.

Transmission of calls requires at least two points, A and B (point-to-point; point-to-multipoint or multipoint-to-point). Consequently, the interconnectivity problem within Nigeria is simply stated as follows:

1.     How can A and B, separated possibly by thousands of kilometers within Nigeria, transmit voice to each other without each having to be subscribers to the same operator?

2.     More importantly, how can we ensure multi-user resource allocation such that if A is the originating consumer, it does not matter technologically (even if financially) which of ALL the other operators that B is a subscriber to, nor does it matter what type of transmission he or she is sending?

3.     The transmission of calls without much congestion in the network.

This will form the bases for the project work.

1.3      Aims and Objectives of the Study

Basically the aim of this project work is to design and simulate a multi-user congestion control system for MTN. while the objectives stated below:

1. To design software that will serve as a congestion control system for multi-user telecommunication networks.

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1.4      Significance of the Study

This study will help us to know the status of GSM network resource allocation in Nigeria with a view to knowing areas to be addressed for better performance.This research work will aid 

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1.5      Scope of the Project

This research covers network connectivity and traffic control of MTN network, record of calls and database of registered simcard in Nigeria.

1.6      Limitation of study

This research work covers only on network connectivity and records of calls to database. While other limitations include:

1.           Financial Constraints: The design was achieved but not without some financial involvements. 

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