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Trying to know the employee who is faithful at delivering job given to them is difficult especially when the employees are two or more.  This issue has been posing threat to the entire populace because ways to solve the puzzle is yet to be reached. But the implementation of an automated job scheduling and staff productivity information system is a means to unravel the problem of verifying the employee who is hardworking and effective. This project is aimed at designing and implementing an automated job scheduling and staff productivity information system that is capable of sharing jobs amongst employees automatically and develops a centralized database for companies where employees job schedule can be stored. We adopted Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodology in this research work because it generally allows software to be written much faster, and makes it easier to change requirements when the need arises. We used PHP scripting language and MySQL Database at the back-end.





1.1   Background of the Study

Employers rely on their employees to keep their businesses running. That is why they work to recruit and retain the best possible staff or workers who will not only fulfil their duties but be ready each day to push the business to the next level. However, workers can only show those strengths when they have quality jobs, which include (among other features) stable, predictable, and flexible schedules.

Thus, having happy employees is critical for the success of any business. Fair and flexible job scheduling is a sure way to accomplish this.

Job scheduling is an important category of businesses operations management that gives organizations the control and visibility necessary to operate today’s dynamic data centers (Warhurst et al., 2012). Automation of business process job scheduling is essential to complex data centers because it helps companies operate more efficiently and reliably.

It is obvious that today’s economy is characterized by fast growth in the service sector, which tends to be labour intensive. Therefore it is now more important to effectively use the human resources, which are generally the most expensive for the majority of organizations. Effective labour scheduling can reduce the cost of human resources and also improve the customer service and increase customer satisfaction. We have also discovered that the process of undistributed jobs to staff has caused some negative effects in the department of almost all organizations, and staff productivity information system is incomplete. There are cases of unnecessary absence from duty, lateness to duty and irregularity to work and so on. In the light of this, automated job scheduling and staff productivity information system needs to be introduced in order to tackle the problem. In this system, the means through which proper scheduling of jobs can improve staff productivity and information obtained are authenticated. The tedious works that lie fallow in workplaces require proper timetabling among workers to ensure that both human and natural resources are harnessed.

The first part of timetabling duties for employee involves determining the number of staff, with particular skills, needed to meet the service demand (Aickelin and  Dowsland, 2000). Individual staff members are allocated to shifts so as to meet the required staffing levels at different times, and duties are then assigned to individuals for each shift. All industrial regulations associated with the relevant workplace agreements must be observed during the process.

It is extremely difficult to find good solutions to these highly constrained and complex problems and even more difficult to determine optimal solutions that minimize costs, meet employee preferences, distribute shifts equitably among employees and satisfy all the workplace constraints (Alfares, 2004). In many organizations, the people involved in developing rosters need decision support tools to help provide the right employees at the right time and at the right cost while achieving a high level of employee job satisfaction. The component of such

a decision support system will typically include spreadsheet and database tools and possibly rostering tools developed from appropriate mathematical models and algorithms. But in this research work, we will use an appropriate programming language in the front-end and a relational database at the back-end to achieve our goal which is the development of an automated job scheduling and staff productivity information system. Ernst et al., (2004) present a review of staff scheduling. Their classification presents the scheduling process as a number of modules such as: demand modeling, days off scheduling, shift scheduling, and line of work construction, task assignment and staff. Though, the modules to use depend on the kind of application to be developed.

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