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This study is centered on the need of a computer based program to manage an estate. Its objective is aimed at overcoming the short coming of the traditional manual management of an estate in order to ensure a reliable, accurate, efficient and time effective operation. The function of an estate management company is to advertise a property, lease out property, monitor and maintain the property of an estate. To achieve this visual basic 6.0 and Microsoft access were used to design a database-controlled program, which will help in monitoring, maintenance and management of estate properties. This database-controlled program will keep track of records of the total number of building in an estate, types of building in a given estate. It also gives information of vacant houses, details of occupants and determines the duration the occupant will stay in a property.


1.0            INTRODUCTION

Estate, in law is the design of interest or ownership that a person has in a property. The term estate is also used in a more general sense to denote the whole property possessed by an individual, for example the estate of a deceased person.

The term estate in the sense of interest that a person has in a property applies especially but not exclusively to really, much of the law of realty in the United Kingdom and the United States stems from the feudal institutions developed in English after the Norman Conquest (1066). The basic promise of feudalism was that the monarch enjoyed ultimate power over all the land in the realm. From the Monarch, the lawful occupants and users of land had tenures the rights to occupancy and use either directly or indirectly through a Lord, one’s tenure or estate, determined one’s social status.

Estate are classified into two ant they include freehold and non-freehold estate.

The freehold estates found in modern property law are the fee simple and the life fee. The fee simple estate are essentially absolute ownership of land, including the power to devise  by will or to sell while the life fee estate is the right to control property during one’s life time only, the grantor of a life estate designate the party who is to come into possession on the death of the life tenant. Therefore, a freehold estate is a grant to a person and his or her descendant forever in a direct line.

The non-freehold estate are those established by lease of real property. Two common types are the estate for years and the periodic estate. In the former right to occupy the realty terminates at a fixed time, while in the later the lease period is for a definite term that is renewed automatically if neither party signatures an intention to terminate the tenancy.

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