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  information system

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1.1Background Of The Study

The Internet has become available to schools nationwide and to people in their own homes. All electronic messages created, sent, or retrieved from the department must have right of privacy in any type of electronic message. All use of electronic messages must comply with the College electronic messaging procedures and rules wherefore mentioned. The purpose of electronic messaging (including email, instant messaging and sending an SMS) this is to allow greater efficiency in teaching, learning, research, communication and administration at the University.


Staff members (collectively known as ‘Users’) are provided with a University email account and access to instant messaging services and for some staff, mobile telephone devices, to be used for University purposes. These electronic messages become a formal University record and are governed by


Relevant legislation, by the University’s stated values and standards of Professional conduct, the Code of Ethics and by the protocols that apply to written communication. The use of electronic messaging requires attention to the needs of the University and its legislated responsibilities, consideration of the receiver, and regard for the demands of efficiency and professionalism (Bellmen, 1999).

Like all University assets and services, electronic messaging facilities should be used in an efficient, lawful and ethical manner. Use of the departmental electronic messaging systems will be taken to indicate the User, The purpose of this Administrative Procedure is to establish the Department’s policy regarding the access, use, maintenance and disclosure of electronic communication, and data distribution, which includes, but is not limited to, electronic messaging and Internet usage.


 Electronic messaging or Email has become an essential method of communication that is accessible to all Department staffs, lecturers and student. The Department encourages and supports the use of electronic messaging to facilitate timely and efficient communications; however, there are some basic principles that govern the use of electronic communication and data distribution.


A world of information is now readily accessible. The World Wide Web began at the CERN, the Swiss high-energy physics laboratory in 1989. While it had many scientific and research oriented uses, it was not until the ‘web browser,’ Mosaic, was released in 1992 that the Web began to draw much widespread attention. The use of a browser allowed the computer to translate the esoteric UNIX-based commands into a graphical representation... This allowed for home use of technology and information that was previously limited to academics and the scientific community. (Brauch & Patt, 1996,)  President Bill Clinton has identified as a priority the connection of every school in the United States to the National Information Infrastructure (NII) which includes connection to the Internet by the year 2000 (Glenna, 1996). Other federal legislation such as the Goals 2000: Educate America Act and the reauthorized Elementary and Secondary Education Act/Improving America’s Schools Act also places emphasis on educational technology.

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