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The magical impact of computer has made enormous contribution to all aspect of life were people can now do things easily unlike in the past. Computers have lesson human activities (effort) in our day to day life, by reducing both human labour and time in solving their problem which are both numerous / unlimited.


The introduction of the magical machine has led to the further growth of Agricultural product.technological and  scientific research reveals that a lot of work can be carried out by the computer in agriculture and help in poultry farm management system. It therefore seems imperative that computers should also be employed and utilized in poultrey farm management system. This project work  centers on how poultry farm management system can be computerized to improve the existing system.


Computerized system has been design to take care of all the mentioned activities in a modern poultry farm. This research work Adopted Structured system Analaysis and Design (SSAD) and was implemented using HTML & CSS for the user interface and PHP server side programming language for the backend and MSQL database for data storage this Resaerch work could be beneficial to any poultry farmer who adopts it.
















1.1 Background Of The Study


Poultry farming is the raising of domesticated birds like chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese for the aim of farming meat or eggs for food. Fifty billion of chickens are raised annually as a supply of food, such as meat and eggs.  Currently, farmers monitor the environmental conditions within the farm manually and on an irregular basis. Hunton, (2006). Computers have been employed in nearly all works of human life, from business and banking, insurance, agriculture and technology. Difficult and strenuous jobs that were carried out by humans in the past have today been easily and effectively carried out by computers, this has made many poultry farmers to find ways to reduce cost and overcome economic recession. Computers have reduced human activities (effort) in their everyday life, by reducing both human labour and time in solving their problem which are applicable in different areas of human endeavour.  in the development and maintenance of life, agriculture plays an enormous role in west Africa mostly in Nigeria. As the population of human increases so also the requirement of food and their need for other agricultural products will be high in order to satisfy the huge population with food, shelter and raw materials for their industries.  in the field of animals husbandry, whose services are also needed for further (addition) production to satisfy every aspect of man’s wants, because of the usefulness of this sector of agriculture it is necessary that computer are introduced, in order that its activities be easily carried out for better results.      

The introduction of information technology

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