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The formulation of a good academic planning is only the first implementation putting the academic program plan into action. This requires that goals and objective are developed. As part of the plan .the duties of the academic planning unit include:-

i.                    To provide institutional planning for academic programs.

ii.                  To provide a regular report to faculty council

In order to complete this project an investigation of the academic planning unit was carried out with the aim of identifying the predominant problems in the academic planning unit .this investigation revealed many discrepancies within the system.

The activities of the academic planning unit departments are manually based. This leads to inefficiency, poor response time, poor planning and execution of major activities and low productivity as a result  of the absent of a software suit, in other to improve on the system  an integrated software model  has been proposed. The proposed system was designed and implemented using JAVA and my Sql database.




CHAPTER ON                                                                                                      INTRODUCTION

1.1 Background Of The Study

Academic leaders have been caught by the convergence of two powerful forces. Rapid and pervasive introduction of information technology is one front moving through the landscape of higher education. Emerging storms of discontent from numerous stakeholders over the process and product of higher education form another. Together these environmental factors are transforming the academy. Historically, academic managers were focused on factors of production number of books in libraries, proportion of faculty with terminal degrees and the like   Ahaiwe (2008).

Today, academic leaders are challenged by an expanding universe of information technology and its uses, and by a changed focus from a provider centered culture to a learner centered world. The new era is one of networks of learners where in the student, not the library, is the centre of the information universe. Libraries can no longer be viewed as mausoleums with an insatiable need for additional resources rather they must be seen in competition with a host of organization

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