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1.1   Background of the study

Transitioning to outcome-based assessment pushes universities to document, coordinate, and maintain additional information on course offerings. While an outcomes-based approach can improve course and program offerings, the additional documentation and process requirements are difficult to absorb in most university departments. This project describes a web-based system developed for the Accreditation to be use by National University Commissions (NUC) in Nigeria State University and  Polytechnic. The course information system allows public access through dynamically generated web pages from database entries. With our approach, departmental faculty and staff use a web-based system to enter course and outcome changes. Program accreditation by Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) requires an outcome based assessment and evaluation process whereby the program, its supporting courses and objectives are continuously refined based on constituent assessment.(National Universities Commission (1999).

Course Information System supporting Accreditation (CISA) [3] is a software tool that maintains course, outcome and objective data, and clearly demonstrates relationships among this information when following an outcome-based assessment process for accreditation and curricular evolution. We assume that to accredit a program, the department must demonstrate that program outcomes are achieved and that administration of the program satisfies the ABET criteria. Courses each have outcomes that when taken together according to program guidelines, jointly satisfy a set of degree program outcomes. In CISA, representative (graded) course activities are stored and mapped to specific course outcomes. Course activities normally represent graded assignments, projects, and exams. CISA tracks references from one outcome to another, otherwise known as outcome mappings course outcomes to program outcomes to ABET criteria. A password protected interface of CISA is for users who are responsible for changing course and outcome information. The public user-interface of CISA provides viewing access without logon. The paper presents the design of CISA together with the, underlying program and course  models that support assessment for accreditation. Some courses prepare learners for a career as practitioners in a particular field. Where a course is a recognized or required component of professional registration, the professional body will have specific requirements relating to course content and quality. NUC will, where appropriate, invite a representative of the professional registration body to participate in NUC’s evaluation processes and will take the views of this representative into account in

reaching its decisions on approval and accreditation. In situations where the requirements or timeframes of the professional registration body and NUC do not coincide,  NUC will discuss this with the professional registration body before reaching a decision on an application. NUC currently has formal agreements in place with the Nursing Council of New Zealand and the New Zealand Teachers’ Council on the coordination of evaluation and decision-making. (Okojie, J.A (2006).

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