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Department:  Computer Science
AMOUNT:  20000
PAGES:  95 pages, abstract, chapter 1-5 , APENDIX A source code and APENDIX B output, well reserached and supervised
  information system

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The project focuses on Electronic voting management system using facial recognition as a means of user login authentication. Prior to this, Voting Systems were actually manual and this constitute a lot of problems during voting. Problems like insecurity, unauthorized access, voting more than once, and unreliable elections result. This Project uses Facial Recognition to ensure voters authentication, apply algorithms to ensure that the voter votes only once and also know the status of their vote. The system provides a fast feedback to users. The methodology adopted in this research work is V model (Verification and validation model) which ensures that each process in the software development life cycle is tested and verified before moving to the next phase. The software tools used for the implementation of the system are HTML to define the structure of the system, CSS to style the structures, JQuery Mobile to make the device have an adaptive mobile interface and also appear work on mobile devices, JQuery and Javascript to manipulate the document object model tree and the system as a whole, PHP for scripting and accessing contents in the database and MySQL for database, to store every necessary content and information.

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